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Model Number Stock Distributors Uploaded
CQB200-24S24 40 Sager Electronics Inc. 12-01-2022
CQB200-24S24 30 Mouser Electronics Inc. 12-01-2022
CQB200-24S24 95 Digikey Electronics Inc. 11-30-2022
CQB200-24S28 40 Sager Electronics Inc. 12-01-2022
CQB200-24S28 87 Mouser Electronics Inc. 12-01-2022
CQB200-24S24N 100 Digikey Electronics Inc. 11-30-2022
CQB200-24S28N 5 Sager Electronics Inc. 12-01-2022
CQB200-24S28N 48 Digikey Electronics Inc. 11-30-2022

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