2Watts SIP-7 Unregulated DC-DC Converter

EC2SANH 2Watts SIP-7 Unregulated DC-DC Converter

Industry Standard SIP-7 Packages

Efficiency up to 88%

3000VDC Isolation

Unregulated Outputs

Industry Standard Pinout

No Tantalum Capacitors inside

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Part Number Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Current No load Input Current Efficiency (%) I/O Isolation Voltage
NEW EC2SA01NH 4.5~5.5V 5V 0.4A 40mA 82 3000VDC
NEW EC2SA02NH 4.5~5.5V 12V 0.167A 50mA 84 3000VDC
NEW EC2SA03NH 4.5~5.5V 15V 0.134 55mA 85 3000VDC
NEW EC2SA04NH 4.5~5.5V ±12V ±0.083A 50mA 85 3000VDC
NEW EC2SA05NH 4.5~5.5V ±15V ±0.067A 45mA 87 3000VDC
NEW EC2SA06NH 4.5~5.5V ±5V ±0.2A 40mA 83 3000VDC
NEW EC2SA11NH 10.8~13.2V 5V 0.4A 20mA 82 3000VDC
NEW EC2SA12NH 10.8~13.2V 12V 0.167A 20mA 87 3000VDC
NEW EC2SA13NH 10.8~13.2V 15V 0.134 20mA 87 3000VDC
NEW EC2SA14NH 10.8~13.2V ±12V ±0.083A 20mA 86 3000VDC
NEW EC2SA15NH 10.8~13.2V ±15V ±0.067A 20mA 87 3000VDC
NEW EC2SA16NH 10.8~13.2V ±5V ±0.2A 20mA 84 3000VDC
NEW EC2SA21NH 21.6~26.4V 5V 0.4A 10mA 82 3000VDC
NEW EC2SA22NH 21.6~26.4V 12V 0.167A 10mA 87 3000VDC
NEW EC2SA23NH 21.6~26.4V 15V 0.134 10mA 88 3000VDC
NEW EC2SA24NH 21.6~26.4V ±12V ±0.083A 10mA 87 3000VDC
NEW EC2SA25NH 21.6~26.4V ±15V ±0.067A 10mA 88 3000VDC
NEW EC2SA26NH 21.6~26.4V ±5V ±0.2A 10mA 83 3000VDC

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