15Watts AC-DC ITE Open Frame Power Supply


Universal Input Range 85~264VAC

Efficiency to 83%

Meets EN55032 Class B

Approved IEC/EN/UL62368-1

Continuous Short Circuit Protection

Leakage Current 0.25mA Max.

PCB Mountable

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Model List
Part Number Power (Watts) Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Current Efficiency (%) Operating Altitude Operating Temperature
CFM1501S 15W 85-264 5V 3A 74% 2000m 0°C ~ 70°C
CFM1502S 15W 85-264 12V 1.25A 80% 2000m 0°C ~ 70°C
CFM1503S 15W 85-264 15V 1A 81% 2000m 0°C ~ 70°C
CFM1505S 15.12W 85-264 24V 0.63A 83% 2000m 0°C ~ 70°C
CFM1507S 9.9W 85-264 3.3V 3A 69% 2000m 0°C ~ 70°C
CFM1509S 15.03W 85-264 9V 1.67A 76% 2000m 0°C ~ 70°C

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