20Watts 18:1 Ultra-wide Input 2"x1" DC-DC CONVERTER


20W Isolated Output

Efficiency up to 90%

Fixed Switching Frequency

18:1 Input Range

Regulated Outputs

Remote On/Off

Low No Load Power Consumption

Over Temperature Protection

Over Voltage/Current Protection

Continuous Short Circuit Protection

2”x1”x0.4” Size Meet Industrial Standard

5000m Operating Altitude

CB Test Certificate IEC62368-1

Fire & Smoke Meet EN45545-2

Shock & Vibration Meet EN50155 (EN61373)

Meet EN50155 with External Circuits

UL62368-1 2nd (Reinforce Insulation) Approval

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Model List
Part Number Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Current No load Input Current Efficiency (%) I/O Isolation Voltage
EC7BW18-72S05 8.5~160V 5V 4A 5mA 86 3000VAC
EC7BW18-72S12 8.5~160V 12V 1.67A 8mA 89 3000VAC
EC7BW18-72S15 8.5~160V 15V 1.33 8mA 89 3000VAC
EC7BW18-72D12 8.5~160V ±12V ±0.833A 8mA 89 3000VAC
EC7BW18-72D15 8.5~160V ±15V ±0.667A 8mA 89 3000VAC
EC7BW18-72D24 8.5~160V ±24V ±0.417A 8mA 90 3000VAC
EC7BW18-72S05N 8.5~160V 5V 4A 5mA 86 3000VAC
EC7BW18-72S12N 8.5~160V 12V 1.67A 8mA 89 3000VAC
EC7BW18-72S15N 8.5~160V 15V 1.33 8mA 89 3000VAC
EC7BW18-72D12N 8.5~160V ±12V ±0.833A 8mA 89 3000VAC
EC7BW18-72D15N 8.5~160V ±15V ±0.667A 8mA 89 3000VAC
EC7BW18-72D24N 8.5~160V ±24V ±0.417A 8mA 90 3000VAC



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