LED Power

Cincon provides a series of LED power supplies and DALI control units. Cincon is also a member of DiiA, which is the DALI official organization. With more-than-30-year R&D experiences, we are specialized in lighting, industrial, ITE, 5G telecom, medical, railway, and household applications.

AC-DC LED drivers ranging from 15W to 100W. Constant current and constant current + constant voltage types are available. DC-DC LED drivers range from 15W to 57W which are suitable for track lights. Multiple dimming options are DALI, 1-10V, PWM, potentiometer.

DALI control units such as DALI dimmer, DALI scene controller, DALI Bluetooth controller with iDALI pro APP are available. DALI BUS power supply is also providing.


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