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2020 New DC-DC Converter Short Form



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March 13, 2020

2020 New DC-DC Converters Short form

Cincon is pleased to announce the availability of the new 8-page Short Form related to the entire standard range of DC-DC converters together with the Plug-In solutions that allow the product to be assembled as a turn-key solution due to the presence of the EMI filters and necessary connectors for immediate use.


The products are divided into Markets, Input Voltage Range and Output Power to make searching quick and easy in the consultation.


Please do not forget this is Cincon Standard range. Cincon is also available to offer any version of“Standard Modified Version” according to particular needs related to special applications.


Cincon is currently working on new AC-DC Power Supplies Short Form and will be releasing it soon.


If you’re interested in the short form, contact local Cincon distributors or Cincon( directly for more details!


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