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Cincon CQB100W-110S CMFC(D) Series DC-DC CHASSIS MOUNT Module New Product Release



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Jul 10, 2020

Key Specs:

With Cincon focus on the development of Railway application market, we are here to introduce our latest product design, the DC/DC CHASSIS MOUNT CQB100W-110S CMFC(D) Series. With a wide 4:1, 43~160Vdc input range, this new product is a chassis mountable DC-DC converter that offers 100 watts of output power @ single output voltages of 5, 12, 15, 24, 28, 48VDC and 3000VDC isolation.

CQB100W-110S CMFC(D)



Exceptional Performance:

It has a very low no load power consumption requirement of 15mA. Efficiency can go as high as 91%, and has a case operating temperature of - 40°C to 100°C.


Key Functions:

Other features include remote on/off (positive or negative) and -20~+10% adjustable output voltage.

The chassis structure offers built-in EMI EN50155, EN50121-3-2 filter, and meet EN45545-2 requirements for the essential railway market needs. Also, it meets UL60950-1 & IEC60950-1 safety.


Full Protections:

Fully protected against input UVLO (under voltage lock out), output over-current, output over-voltage, over-temperature and continuous short circuit conditions.



Although the product was primary design for all common railway applications, it is also suitable for other markets such as industrial, telecommunications, battery operated equipments, and distributed power architectures.


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