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Cincon CFM81S Series AC-DC 2”X3”, 80W/160W New Product Release



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Jul 24, 2020



Key Specs:

The CFM81S series is our new 80W high-density AC/DC open framed power supply that provides 80W to 160W (peak load) of regulated power in an 2X3 inches (50.8x76.2mm) dimension. It has safety approvals for IEC/UL/EN 62368-1, and meets IEC/EN60335-1 for household appliances. It is available in 4 outputs of 12, 15, 24, and 48VDC, and optional versions of PCB mount, Wafer, or comes with an optional case.


Exceptional Performance:

The power supply offers an extraordinary high efficiency of up to 91%, and a very wide temperature range of -30°C to +80°C, while operating as high as +50°C at full rating, which covers most of the extreme environments. This power supplies can be used at a high altitude up to 5000m max, and features a low no load input power consumption less than 0.3W.


Key Functions:

The CFM81S series has a very powerful Peak load function, and at certain conditions (requirements see datasheet for details), it can provide up to 200% of the rated power at 160W.


Full protections:

Output over-voltage, output over-load and continuous short circuit conditions.



Suitable for consumer electronics, telecommunication devices, commercial equipments, and light/heavy industrial applications.


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