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Application of CFM81S Series for Coffee Machine



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Aug 6, 2021

Application of CFM81S Series for Coffee Machine

The manufacturing process has made progress in the electronic products. The small size design is riding a wave of popularity with the advent of the digital age. Cincon has been developing the compact size and high-efficiency AC-DC open-frame switching power supplies over the years. We have also specialized in a series of power supplies with an exclusive peak load function for the product requiring high peak load during its start-up stage.


One example that fulfills this need is Cincon CFM81S series. The series supports input voltage range of 90 to 264Vac and offers output voltages of 12Vdc, 15Vdc, 24Vdc, and 48Vdc. Its specification is ideal for a wide variety of the end products. CFM81S series features twice rated power output that meets the need of several products desiring for the instantaneous increase of power. With the synchronous rectification and efficiency up to 90%, 2” x 3” inches is the compact size that allows end-system designers to use it more flexible. The series meets Class I & Class II, IEC/EN/UL 62368-1, and IEC/EN 60335-1 standard for household use; it also passes the industrial EMC standard. Cincon CFM81S series is suitable for various industries.


Application of CFM81S Peak Load:

The coffee machine, when grinding coffee beans, will start the motor. This process needs the instantaneous higher power so that the power supply provides the considerable amount of energy. There is the strict demand for electronic components of the coffee machine that should bear an instant high current. Hence, most manufacturers design their products in principle to tolerate more than twice peak load of rated power. System designers would select the power supply to meet the need of the maximum peak load of the system to ensure the system works properly. For example, if a system needs 80W power module for the regular operation, but requires 160W instantaneous power for the startup, the end users will choose the 160W power module. However, its size might be twice as large as 80W power module. For product designers, this causes a space-constrained problem. CFM81S series has the powerful peak load function to solve the above issue. Peak load function can reach 200% rated output power within 10 seconds. The series features the evident advantages, such as less components, compact size, and lightweight, to increase the product’s competitiveness.


By testing CFM81S120, even though it is tested under the different conditions, with ambient temperature of 25℃ and 50℃ or with input voltages of 115Vac and 230Vac, the output voltage and output current remain stable. In addition, the figures show the output current is 200% rated load, and then decreases to 85% rated load, which is the regular power consumption of the end-product. The graphs show the output current subsequently makes a stable ups-and-downs cycle. The tests prove that the peak load function is very efficient and reliable.


Notes: CH1 (brown) is the input voltage, CH2 (green) is the output voltage, and CH4 (red) is the output current.

Vin = 115Vac/60Hz (ambient temperature of 25℃) 200% rated load (10 seconds) and 85% rated load (90 seconds) Vin = 230Vac/50Hz (ambient temperature of 25℃) 200% rated load (10 seconds) and 85% rated load (90 seconds)

CH1: Vin, CH2: Vout, CH4: Iout


CH1: Vin, CH2: Vout, CH4: Iout

Vin = 115Vac/60Hz (ambient temperature of 50℃) 200% rated load (10 seconds) and 85% rated load (90 seconds) Vin = 230Vac/50Hz (ambient temperature of 50℃) 200% rated load (10 seconds) and 85% rated load (90 seconds)

CH1: Vin, CH2: Vout, CH4: Iout


CH1: Vin, CH2: Vout, CH4: Iout


The above tests are conducted for a long period within the ambient temperature of 25℃ and 50℃ separately. The temperature parameters of all components are under the limitation. The findings indicate that the customers do not need to particularly purchase the higher-power power supply to meet the requirement of the instantaneous peak load. Cincon CFM81S series has twice instantaneous output power which lasts up to 10 seconds without the additional circuits. The series offers the peak load function to start the motor, which is ideal for the product such as coffee machine.


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