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Introduction to Cincon AC-DC Modular Brick Power



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Mar 11, 2022

Introduction to Cincon AC-DC Modular Brick Power


The Demand of AC-DC Brick Power Modules:


In the year of 2022, Cincon has created a new product category for the emerging needs of ITE application, 5G telecom and industrial applications that only have fanless, limited space and high temperature environment for the power supply module. Therefore, this category is AC-DC Modular Brick Power. In this category, it has three series which are PFC series, PDF series, and CBM series.


Advantages of AC-DC Modular Brick Power:


Speaking of the advantages, a typical AC-DC modular brick power is the standard brick type and low profile which could be down to 0.5”. It is suitable for applications which especially require limited height and ask for slim type power. The brick type AC-DC Power module could be mounted on system board and is easier to integrate with the system board. In addition, the baseplate-cooling design of AC-DC brick results in better heat dissipation performance, and the encapsulated brick type package could be regarded as waterproof and dustproof. Therefore, these power modules could adapt to the harsh environment.


Differences Among Cincon AC-DC Modular Brick Powers:


In the AC-DC modular brick power category where the output power ranges from 70W to 750W, we have three series playing different roles. The PFC series is a PFC (Power Factor Correction) module with 390Vdc out and it needs to be paired with a single DC-DC converter or multiple DC-DC converters (Could be Power Distributed Network). In this case, it is suitable for the systems requiring the PFC function and the combination of high input voltage DC-DC converters. (For more info, check the related article at the bottom.)


The PDF series is the combination of PFC & DC-DC converter without input fuse, EMI filter, Bulk cap etc. This series is suitable for the systems which need flexibility of the choosing external components. For instance, for certain systems, they have the height limitation and therefore, the system engineer would choose a smaller bulk cap. The 5G telecom small cell could be a good reference. (For more info, check the related article at the bottom.)


The CBM series is the all-in-1 solution which contains the EMI solution inside the power module. There is no need for system engineers to add external components for the power module, bringing convenience to the system engineers and possibly shortening the development time. This CBM series is suitable for systems not requiring flexibility of the choosing external components. It is just simple and convenient to use.


Overall Product List:

The following list shows Cincon AC-DC brick series and the power range starts from 70W to 750W with various output voltages to choose:


PFC Series
Product Power Vin (Vac) Vo (Vdc) Efficiency

PFC750 (Half Brick)

750W 90~264V 390V 96.5%
PDF Series
Product Power Vin (Vac) Vo (Vdc) Efficiency

PDF700 (Full Brick)

700W 90~264V 12V, 24V, 28V, 48V, 56V 91.5%
CBM Series
Product Power Vin (Vac) Vo (Vdc) Efficiency

CBM70S (Half Brick)

70W 90~264V 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V 89.5%

CBM100S (Full Brick)

100W 90~264V 12V, 24V, 28V, 36V, 48V 91%


In this year, Cincon will release more AC-DC brick type power modules and we are looking forward to sharing with you.


For more product info, check the product page:AC-DC Brick

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Cincon also provides related articles for you to understand the applications of the AC-DC brick power modules. If you are interested, check the articles below:

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