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The Solution of Cincon High Input Voltage DC-DC Converters



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Jan 14, 2022

DC-DC Converters


The demand of high input voltage power product:


There are various applications requiring high input voltage DC-DC converters such as industrial automation control, telecommunication, defense and more. In addition, the demand of power product for emerging technology such as electric vehicles, drones, data center has been increasing recent years. The common requirements of these applications could be high reliability, stability, lighter weight of the power product, flexibility of power product combination (in series and in parallel), and pin compatibility.


Cincon has a wide product range of high input voltage DC-DC converters which could meet these requirements. Moreover, Cincon offers not only products but also solutions to the customer. Today we are introducing Cincon input voltage DC-DC converter power solution.


CINCON High Input Voltage Products:

The following list shows Cincon high input voltage DC-DC converter series and the power range starts from 75W to 750W with various output voltages to choose.

Product Vin (Vdc) Vo (Vdc) Power Weight

CQB75-300S (Quarter Brick)

180~450V 3.3V, 5V, 12V, 15V, 24V, 48V 75W 61g

CQB150-300S (Quarter Brick)

180~425V 5V, 12V, 15V, 24V, 28V, 48V 150W 65g

CHB300-300S (Half Brick)

180~425V 5V, 12V, 24V, 28V, 48V 300W 90g

CFB600-300S (Full Brick)

180~425V 12V, 24V, 48V 600W 230g

CFB750-300S (Full Brick)

200~425V 12V, 15V, 24V, 28V, 36V, 48V 750W 230g

CINCON High Input Voltage Products Features:


In addition, Cincon high input voltage DC-DC converters not only have advantages of low EMI and light weight but also include comprehensive features:

1.Full Protections (OTP/OCP/OVP/UVLO)

2.3000Vac Isolation

3.Remote On/Off

4.Output Voltage Adjustment

5.Holdup Time Solution

6.Series Operation and Series for ± output operation


(Figure 2.1)


(Figure 2.2)

7.Redundant Operation


(Figure 2.3)

8.Parallel Operation (Full Brick Size Modules have Current Share Features)


(Figure 2.4)


What Else Could CINCON Offer?

For system design engineers, Cincon also provides Chassis-mount ready-to-use turnkey solutions which are built in with EMI solution. These solutions could help engineers shorten the development time.


Here are the focused features of the chassis-mount module:

1.Fully protected (OTP/OCP/OVP/UVLO)

2.Low No Load Power Consumption

3.Regulated Outputs

4.Remote On/Off

5.Build-in EMI Filter

6.Operating Case Temperature -40 to +80℃ or 100℃

7.3000Vac I/O Isolation

8.EN55032/22 for EMC Characteristic

9.Fire & Smoke EN45545-2 Compliant

10.Safety Meets IEC/EN/UL 62368-1 Reinforced Insulation

11.Shock & Vibration Mil-STD-810F Compliant or Meet EN61373


The following shows the related chassis mount modules and the EMI test results of EN55032 (EN55022) Class A are also shown below:

Product Mechanical Specifications



(Figure 3.2)




(Figure 3.4)




(Figure 3.6)




(Figure 3.8)

EMI Test standard: EN55032 (EN55022) Class A Conducted & Radiated Emission:

Conducted Emission:

Test Condition: Input Voltage: 300Vdc, Output Load: Full Load.

Model Line Neutral
CQB75-300S12N-CMFC E22001-20

(Figure 4.1 Line)


(Figure 4.1 Neutral)

CQB150-300S12-CMFC E22001-22

(Figure 4.2 Line)


(Figure 4.2 Neutral)

CHB300-300S12-CMFC E22001-24

(Figure 4.3 Line)


(Figure 4.3 Neutral)

CFB750-300S24N-CMFD E22001-26

(Figure 4.4 Line)


(Figure 4.4 Neutral)


Radiated Emission:

Test Radiated: Input Voltage: 300Vdc, Output Load: Full Load.

Model Vertical Horizontal
CQB75-300S12N-CMFC E22001-29

(Figure 5.1 Vertical)


(Figure 5.1 Horizontal)

CQB150-300S12-CMFC E22001-31

(Figure 5.2 Vertical)


(Figure 5.2 Horizontal)

CHB300-300S12-CMFC E22001-33

(Figure 5.3 Vertical)


(Figure 5.3 Horizontal)

CFB750-300S24N-CMFD E22001-35

(Figure 5.4 Vertical)


(Figure 5.4 Horizontal)

Suitable Application:

The high input DC-DC converters provide a 300Vdc nominal input (with an input range of 180 to 425Vdc except for CFB750 which is from 200 to 425Vdc) and 3000Vac reinforced isolation. These converters are suitable for distributed power architecture, telecommunication, data center, base station, battery operated equipment, industrial automation, and unmanned aerial vehicle application. The table shows the common input voltage requirements of different applications:

Application Input Voltage
Hybrid Car 300Vdc
Battery Charge / EV 365Vdc
Data Center 300 - 380Vdc
Telecom 380Vdc
Industrial Control System 270 - 400Vdc
Aviation system 270 - 400Vdc


In addition, the following pictures are some examples of different system structures:


Figure 6.1 Battery charge system



Figure 6.2 Industrial Control System



Figure 6.3 Telecom System



Figure 6.4 Data Center System



Figure 6.5 Redundant Power System



In the high input voltage DC-DC converter product line, Cincon offers various industrial standard packages such as quarter brick, half brick and full brick sizes for system designer engineers to choose. The power range is from 75W to 750W. Moreover, products cover comprehensive features and Cincon also provides chassis-mount ready-to-use modules built in with EMI solution.

The suitable applications are distributed power architecture, telecommunication, data center, base station, battery operated equipment, industrial automation, and unmanned aerial vehicle application.

With the 30-year R&D experience, Cincon has not only substantial application notes but a strong and outstanding R&D team and FAE support to further help system design engineers solve annoying EMI issue, shorten the development time and power your ideas.


More information: High Input Voltage Products

Contact for more support:

Cincon also provides the reference of application for PFC750, the 750W AC-DC PFC module, and CFB750-300S high input voltage DC-DC converter. If you are interested, check here.



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